Match 16

Aldercar Lane Fishery – Folly Lake

Fishing of peg 23 Harry Tait weighed in 61lbs 2ozs toIMG_9530 take top spot. Second place went to Josh Derry with 32lbs 14ozs from peg3 with third place going to Tom Clifton on peg 26 with 28lbs 0ozs


Name Peg Weight
Harry Tait 23 61lbs 2ozs
Josh Derry 3 32lbs 14ozs
Tom Clifton 26 28lbs 0ozs
Chris Randall 11 26lbs 6ozs
Lucas Ward-Doy 20 20lbs 11ozs
Aidan Spencer 6 9lbs 0ozs
Josh Renshaw 14 7lbs 3ozs
Niall Slack 1 7lbs 1ozs
Shaun Brown 8 6lbs 5ozs
Jake Ellis 17 1lbs 12ozs
Sam Roe 13 1lbs 6ozs