Our programmes are designed to give support to the development of young peoples self esteem, confidence and achievement. We provide an alternative learning experience in a calm, friendly, safe and healthy environment.

Education Programmes (age range 8-18)


We can tailor individual and group programmes to meet your requirements:

Introduction to Angling
  Primary Initiative Alternative provision
  Transition support

  • Secondary school curriculum enrichment
  • Activity day
  • Student support
  • Enterprise days

  Angling Trust ‘Get Fishing’ & ‘CAST’ Awards

  Enterprise day
  NOCN One Award Qualifications

Open  Awards Suite of Angling Skills

Description of the Qualifications

This suite of qualifications gives learners an introduction to the Angling Environment and Angling Skill. They will be used primarily with young people to introduce them to the sport and to also develop their personal skills through practical activities.

They give an integrated approach to achieving awards that provides the connection between a practically acquired skill and an understanding of the environment in which the learned skills can be utilised. At each of the levels, the units offer a mixture of classroom based learning opportunities and very hands on  approach to developing angling skills. The qualifications have been developed with the support of the Angling Trust.

The Aims of the Qualifications

The qualifications are designed to enable the learners to:

  Know about the different branches of angling
  Be able to use angling equipment in a specific branch of angling
  Know how to select and use appropriate bait
  Understand how to respect the environment when angling
  Understand the influence of the water cycle and weather on angling
  Know about the anatomy of fish

Approval Details Qualification Title

  Level 1 Award in Angling Skills (T505/0638)
•  Level 1 Award in The Angling Environment (J/503/3570)
  It is hoped to add some vocational units to the course later in the 2021/2022 academic year

Qualifications Structure

Level 1 require learners to achieve 6 credits from the 2 mandatory units to achieve this qualification. The mandatory units are; Angling Skills and The Angling Environment.

Angling Skills Learning Outcomes:
  Know about the different branches of Angling
  Know about the regulations relating to Angling
  Know about Health and Safety issues when Angling
  Be able to use Angling equipment in a specific branch of Angling
  Know how to select and use appropriate bait
The Angling Environment Learning Outcomes:
  Understand why people go fishing
  Understand how to respect the environment when Angling
  Understand the influences of the water cycle and weather on Angling
  Know about the anatomy of fish
  Know about the habitat of different species of fish

Angling Trust ‘CAST’ Skills Awards                                           

The skills awards have recently been developed by the Angling Trust to support, reward and recognise the standards of all anglers across England.

They are written as a series of progressive steps to enable anglers to strive to meet their full

potential and go from CAST Starter to CAST 6.

They enable anglers to develop at their own pace but with recognition of their efforts at each stage.




Canal & River Trust ‘Let’s Fish’ programme



An initiative to give families the opportunity to try canal fishing. Working with the Canal & River Trust we deliver a number of sessions between April and October giving a practical 50 mins introduction to canal fishing on the Nottingham and Beeston Canal, Beeston Rylands with one of our experienced licensed angling coach. These free sessions are booked through the Canal & River Trusts web site Select Enjoy the waterways, select fishing, then select ‘Let’s Fish’ scroll down to ‘Find a free fishing event’

New Primary Schools Initiative 2021

Piloted in the summer term of 2014 the initiative has proven to be very popular. The programme normally runs as an after schools club but we can arrange the delivery  to suit individual schools requirements. All sessions include a focused learning activity and schools to date have produced some fantastic displays to celebrate their achievements. The enthusiasm and pride taken by pupils creating these displays has prompted us to run a  competition from 2015 where the best school display receive a ‘YOUFISH’ display trophy.

Presentation events are arranged at the end of each programme where all pupils receive an Angling Trust ‘Get Fishing’ certificate and their Bronze (Have a Go) sticker. They can also progress onto their Silver (New Angler) and Gold (Angler) awards. The school receives a Primary Schools Initiative ‘YOUFISH’ participation certificate.

We have also developed an additional programmes for schools returning to the programme for a second year.

This initiative is programmed for the summer and the first half of the Autumn school terms.

Community Programme

We work with local authorities, The Angling Trust, The Canal & River Trust, community groups and organisations to provide angling opportunities within communities.

 Holiday programmes
Community initiatives
Focus groups

Working with our partners we run numerous events including; ‘Get Fishing’, ‘Let’s Fish’, Junior Open League, Schools Championships across Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire. These sessions for all abilities are often free of charge with all equipment and bait provided.

In partnership with Nottingham Anglers Association a number of junior open matches are organised annually.

Young Anglers also work in partnership with the Angling Trust to deliver angling sessions including National Fishing Month.

Events Programme

Young Anglers have considerable experience of running angling events.

  • Youth competitions
  • Birthday parties
  • Team building
  • Corporate events

We are hoping to launch a series of Youth competitions during the summer term in partnership with interested schools.