Match 2 Results

We seemed to have gone back to winter for yesterdays Junior Open Match at Aldercar lane Fishery with strong winds and plenty of rain. Despite the challenging conditions all the juniors caught and had a good if not difficult match on Folly Lake. Ben Wilson claimed top spot with 33lbs 30zs for his first Junior Open win. Well done Ben. Chris Randell weighed in 24lbs 0ozs for second place with Jake Ellis finishing third with 22lbs 13ozs which included a net of 19lbs 9ozs silvers.
Name                    Peg          Weight
Ben     Wilson        26         33lbs 3ozs
Chris  Randall         2         24lbs 0ozs
Jake   Ellis              16         22lbs 13ozs
Josh   Derry             5          16lbs 12ozs
Lucas Ward-Doy  24          16lbs 12ozs
Jake   Brandrick   20          15lbs 12ozs
Josh   Green          18           15lbs 7ozs
Leo     Verdi             9           10lbs 13ozs
Sam   Webster        3             4lbs 10ozs
Josh   Brandrick   11             4lbs 6ozs