Match 10 Results

A wind swept and wet Aldercar Lane Fishery saw 9 juniors contest today’s junior open on Bridge and Copse. Conditions made fishing difficult but they all coped admirably. Leo Verdi caught steadily off peg C3 to weigh 28lbs 11ozs with Josh Derry on peg C12.Third place went to Aidan Spencer with 14lbs 7ozs off peg B 9
Name Peg Weight
Leo Verdi C3 28lbs 11ozs
Josh Derry C12 18lbs 6ozs
Aidan Spencer B9 14lbs 7ozs
Jake Ellis B12 14lbs 5ozs
Harry Buxton C6 13lbs 4ozs
Jack Worron C15 12lbs 9ozs
Alex Gent B6 8lbs 14ozs
Sam Roe B15 4lbs 13ozs
Harry Tait B3 3lbs 13ozs