Meet ‘ALF’

Since the launch of Young Anglers YOUFISH programmes in October 2012 one of our aims was to equip a vehicle with a range of angling equipment and resources to enable the deliver of  a comprehensive, consistent, sustainable and unique angling experience at any location.

The success of the programmes enabled us to take delivery of a brand new Vauxhall Vivaro double cab vehicle in April 2013 which not only  met our requirements but also enables us to travel in comfort with students to any waters we choose. Called ‘ALF’ – Angling Learning Facility we can  truly offer a comprehensive angling experience which continues today some 9 years later.

With the addition of a quality commercial portable shelter we can quickly and easily set up a teaching and   learning area. This area can be used for demonstrations and presentations in addition to a work area for students to make angling rigs, research topics, watch videos or work on their portfolios to achieve an Open Award in Angling. Students achieve recognition for their progress initially through the Angling Trust ‘Get Fishing’ awards enabling them to progress onto the Angling Trust ‘CAST’ awards. To keep track of their progress we have developed an ‘Angling Achievement Passport’ which enables coaches to sign off each award as the criteria is achieved and helps the students identify tasks to progress onto the higher awards. Not forgetting a welcome shelter from some of our typical British weather.