Match 19 Junior Open League Results

The juniors braved the extremely windy conditions today to fish the penultimate match of this years Junior Open League. They all fished extremely well in todays challenging weather conditions. Chris Randall weighed in 48lbs 12ozs to claim top spot off peg 26 with Josh Derry a close second from peg 13 with 44lbs 8ozs. Josh Jackson came third with 39lbs 40zs off peg 4. It is extremely tight between Chris and Josh Derry at the top of the table and a similar tussle for third place between Tom Clifton and Sam Roe. All will be decided at the last match on Saturday 27th October. Visit Match Report for the full results.


Folly Lake

Name                       Peg          Weight
Chris Randall             26        48lbs 12ozs
Josh Derry                  13         44lbs 8ozs
Josh Jackson               4         39lbs 4ozs
Jake Brandrick         22         30lbs 5ozs
Harry Tait                  16         27lbs 4ozs
Tom Clifton               19         16lbs 7ozs
Shaun Brown              1          15lbs 4ozs
Ben Wilson               10          11lbs 7ozs
Aidan Spencer           7            5lbs 8ozs
Sam Roe                   14             1lbs 6ozs

Sam took ill during the early part of the match and had to go home. All to fish for in the final match of the series.